January 26th, 2002


Play in Viewridge

Okay, which of my roommates has the girl over? And who is she? :P

I see fuckmeboots upstairs in the entry way... something's going on.

You two go to Jorge's Revenge and come back with hos? What gives?


(no subject)

hi i went to bed late and woke up early because sun was bright but it was nice and i would've stayed in bed but i had to piss to i took a piss and chuck was making pancakes and i got some iced tea because i drink a lot of iced tea and now im hacking the planet again because i do that a lot also even though i havent taken a shower yet but who cares ill take one later or when i get stuck on something or bored im bored becuz nobody is online to talk to but thats prolly better cause ill get more work done but instead i end up writing 13 year old journal entries like this one byeyyyye ~~~bRaD~~~~~

I'm beat.

xb95 came over today and we hacked LJ. 19 CVS commits. Hooray.

Going to the Trowelhouse party soonish. It's probably already started a little.

I should've taken a nap today.

Much beer will wake me up. Yupyup. :-)

Actuallllly.... just leaving the house will probably wake me up. I bet I have a bunch of dormant energy waiting to be unleashed.