January 29th, 2002



yay for dantes
yay for lots of things
like sleeping and not doing homework?
heehee... yupyup
warum sollte ich ausgaben tun? zu langweilig.
nein, nein ... aber ich moechte jetzt schlafen
mein bett ist warm und ich habe gern warmheit
yay for cognates. yay for -heit. yay for making up words.
saw two people tonight i haven't seen in awhile
ich kann dir sagen nicht, was ich sagen will
manchmal denke ich dass, das mir leid tut
aber.. vielleicht besser ist, wann man nicht alles wissen
i'll set my alarm early and wake up early
that'll happen, right? :P

Good ol' Chuck

Sometimes I forget everything that chuck does for Kenji and I. Every morning he's gone before Kenji and I wake up, but he leaves behind so many things that just say "I care".

For example,

He's concerned the house will be dark when we wake up and he doesn't want us to trip or run into walls, so he leaves the bathroom and kitchen lights on for us.

He's concerned we might get thirsty in the middle of our shower so he leaves a few glasses in there. Sometimes he forgets to leave us any liquid in those glasses, though. Oh well ... it's the thought that counts. I can't figure out why leaves us spoons in there, though.

He's concerned we might be late to catch the bus, so he leaves out a plate and butter knife, so we can make toast really fast without getting out our own.

Have I listed but three? Oh my, I could go on and on. Chuck's such a swell fella. But I don't want to embarass him in front of everybody, so I'll stop listing all his sweetnesses.

Plus I need to do two homework assignments.

Mehr Schnee.. so schön, so kalt

It's snowing again.
So purty ...
I finished my homework assignments.
I did wake up early, ass. :P
I was going to drive to school today because I need to shop afterwards. But I don't want to drive if it's snowing... have to scrape ice off car and I have no ice scraper.
Anybody have an extra 68 pin SCSI cable? Low voltage differential or something I hear? I know nothing about SCSI. :P It's like $60/$70 ... overpriced probably.
Kenji's awake. Too bad I hid all Chuck's pleasentries already.
Killing time before bus comes.
Not standing out in snow & wind waiting for it.


Back from the Concerto Competition... it was amazing. Makes me missing being in a band. And guess what! I recognized the lead clarinet player. I thought, "That guy looks like Michael Byerly from high school." I look at the program and sure enough, it's him. I didn't even know he went to UW. :-)

Oh, and read this: (emphasis mine)
Erin Earl, age 17, is in her fourth year at the University of Washington, majoring in Computer Science and Music (Piano). She received a Mary Gates Research Training Grant for her research that combines her two majors by trying to use a computer science data compression algorithm to find structure in Bach. She plans to graduate in June, 2002, with a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Music, and a Bachelor of Science.
I refrained from making the entire text bold. (!!!!) My god. So impressive.

My favorite of the five concertos was the girl on the marimba. Very very cool.

There are so many things I want to be doing now and just in general ... I wish I had ten copies of myself or ten friends with similar goals. If I just do everything in series, by the time I'm done I'll have another billion things I want to do. I can't keep up.

In other news, I think I'm getting sick. Tired, sore throat. Feh. Have to do a dozen misc errands/tasks tonight. Can't sleep just yet.