January 30th, 2002



I have 5 packets of legal forms and bills, all requiring checks.
I'm out of checks.
Most this stuff needs to be postmarked by tomorrow. (31st)
Car insurance is due the 3rd.
Need to get checks in one day.
I hate checks... why can't I pay all this online?
At least I can pay my cellphone bill online now.
Stupid life crap getting in the way of ... life?
Or whatever.

Birthday in 6 days.
Mom asked what I want (besides a TiBook :P)
I have no clue.
I don't need anything or want anything.

Switch laundry loads.


An apple banana a day...
tastes good.

Had walk+lunch with toast and Marlana
Marlana is dorky I discovered ... cute. :P
Not like Kelly or I minded or weren't anyway.
She asked me what I do. I avoided an answer.
Kelly noted later, "So is policy to not mention LJ?" :P

Went to Bellevue to get temporary checks.
"How many do you need? They come in sheets of 4."
"Well, I needed 4, but I just got a parking ticket... make that 8."
Paid $1,600 of bills or so. Yay.

(parking ticket was during lunch ... I forgot my meter expired... by the time I remembered and ran to go feed it, I was about 15 seconds too late... saw her putting it on my window. shiit.)

Now I'm home and can't login to any of my servers because DNS is down and my hosts.deny is ALL: PARANOID. Need to turn that shit off. Or better, just setup my hosts.allow ... blah. But at least with squirrelmail I can read my mail over the web. :P

I really don't want to head down to InterNAP now.

Addicted to crack.

Hi, my name is Steve. I come from a rough area. I used to be addicted to crack but now I am off it and trying to stay clean. That is why I am selling magazine subscriptions.
He just came to my door.

I told him to fuck off.[1] As I did the person that called me earlier. And the people that stand on street corners pretending they're poor when they're really not.

No love for people that bug me.

[1] Which came out like, "No, sorry... I'm not interested." I wish I could say "fuck off" and not feel guilty. :-P


I couldn't wait for my birthday --- I opened a present. youngoat sent me the Buffy 1st season... 3 DVDs with 12 episodes. Aaaahh yea. All the greatness of TV whenever I want and without commercials. Score. :P

Time to move laptop over to couch. :-)

Yay for Buffy & wireless ethernet!