February 24th, 2002


stupid muscle

I keep forgetting how I tore that muscle in my back (or whatever I did) while skiing in Utah, and I keep going and doing pull-ups on my birthday present pull-up bar from Abel ... and it keeps hurting like a bitch.

It's just annoying because for some reason, that muscle is only used for pull-ups. Whenever I do one, there's a shooting pain down my right side, but I can do anything else fine without even noticing it. It's getting slowly better, though.

yay for party pics

Eli posted some great party pics of the other night which stole all my energy for two days.

Air guitar? I don't remember playing an air guitar.

I enjoyed meeting Gretchen at that party ... she was on our innertube basketball team but I'd never really talked to her. (too busy playin' (basketball), yo) But since I'll be gone in 3 weeks, I'll probably never see her again. Sad thinking stuff like that.

thoughts tied to places

I find myself having the same thoughts over and over again at the same locations, much in the same way smells trigger memorys. I wonder if that's why I always have an urge to rearrange my room ... new location, new view, new thoughts ... maybe that's why I always enjoy moving.... no, I think everybody enjoys moving. I dunno. No thought here. Move along.

Ich freue mich es auf, wann ich nach Deutschland gehen kann. Dann werde ich möglichst viel erleben. (yay for using this chapter's vocab words! :P)

Went and played pool with Sarah tonight at Belltown Billiards. She's stuck in school for another 2-3 years. :-( I guess the trick for her surviving it will be having fun with it. I never got around to enjoying school too much, but there are countless other things I only did well at once I learned to appreciate them, so I know it's possible to do the same with school.

I suppose I'll go to bed now.