February 25th, 2002


why today rocked

All too often LiveJournal is used to bitch about the crappy days, so here's an account of a kick-ass start of a day:

-- woke up full of energy, for second day in a row
-- sun is shining
-- wrote two kick-ass patches
-- drove to school, but i love driving
-- no traffic... hit all greens, no red lights.
-- got coffee
-- german was fun. highlight, auf Englisch:
Teacher: "Brad, what would you do with 10,000,000 EU?"
Me: "I'd buy a plane and learn to fly."
Teacher: "Learn to fly... why?"
Me: "Because I have 10,000,000 EU."
Teacher: "Oh yeah, why not?"
-- drove home
-- still have tons of energy

So many fun things to do now!

A reminder

Anybody that replies to my journal and talks about stupid off-topic LiveJournal crap gets their comment deleted and gets banned from my journal.

And even if I say something somewhat related to LiveJournal, that still doesn't give you implicit permission to talk about LiveJournal.

It's not that I hate you, I just hated your comment, and since you obviously don't understand the bradfitz/brad dichotomy, I'd rather not see more off-topic comments from you.

running and OS X and stuff

I had so much energy earlier I went on a killer run. I thought I'd be out of shape having not run since the cruise, but it kicked ass. (I'd stopped running because the Caribbean was warm and it running in the cold pretty much sucks) And now that I'm back, I have more energy than before. (it always works out like that)

I've been read tons & tons about OS X. I've got the LJ server running on it now, which was incredibly easy, but there's still so much to learn and explore. The more I read, the more excited I get and the more I want to find out and tinker with.

Okay, back to the futon .... wrapped up in tons of blankets, head back on pillows, wearing sleeping pants and sweatshirt, tibook on lap, reading man pages.... does it get any better? :P