March 5th, 2002


Interesting Dante's

So this Dante's evening instead of drinking beer and playing pool and being stupid and talking to lots of people I didn't drink beer or play pool or be stupid and talked to Brian Aker for 3.5 hours straight, without so much as getting out of my chair once. I now have no fear whatsoever of talking with him and some other guys on the panel in Austin for 1.5-2 hours. It'll be over before it even starts.

Brian's a smart guy.


Went to bed around 3:30. Got woken up twice this morning, once at 8:30 and once at 10:30. As a result, kinda tired.

Skipped German. Heute ist es mir total egal. Zu müde.

Went to campus around 1:30 to work on my paper. Easier to work away from home. Got a bunch done. Ton more to go. Off to my weekly music lecture class now. *sigh*

This morning after my shower I put on my underwear, then tried to put my wallet and keys in my pants. That awake.