March 7th, 2002


so kick ass

I continue working on my paper for school all about LiveJournal and its history, including my early web work and and such.

It's crazy how much I'm remembering and putting together after researching dates for dozens of important events and lining them all up.

Props to my mom and Eli and LJ for having so much information available. Hell, I called my mom to ask what I got for presents in Christmas of 1998 and she pulled out her records. "I could tell you what you got in 1989. Wrong file, one sec." Crazy. And sure enough, she confirmed that was the christmas I got the new MS Visual Studio, which fits with my chronology perfectly.

I'm so glad I'm writing this paper... another year or two and it's be impossible to recall all this history.

Creamy Basil

I go to Safeway an embarassing number of times per week just to get this Creamy Basil pasta salad shit they got there.... oh my is it ever good.

Well, usually I get one of the three people working the Deli and they all know me and know I'm a Creamy Basil addict.

Today this dude about my age is working there (normally he's bagigin'). Anyway, I ordered and he goes, "You wanna taste it first or something?" At first I thought that was just protocol, after my brother telling me about working at Safeway, but now I realize he must hate the stuff. The way he said it... he had a tone like, "oh god, that shit's gross. you sure?"

But I'm glad people like that exist. Not everybody can like the Creamy Basil ... if they did, we'd deplete the natural supply too quickly and we'd all have to eat coal or something.

More Creamy Basil for me!

what.. the.. fuck... ??

It snowed a bit this morning. That was odd.
Then it was just cold. That was understandable.
Then it got sunny! I bet it was still cold. I didn't check.
Then it got dark, but very dry. I went to Safeway.
I came home, ate, and went upstairs to throw away my trash.
I look out the window and what do I see --- the whole city is white!!
The roofs, the park, the cars, the streets... all white.
Covered in snow.
It did that all while I ate! I don't eat slow.
What fucking month is this?
Any cuddly girl want to come over and wrap up in a blanket by the fire and drink eggnog?


Phone... found! Beer to be drank.

My stoner German partner found my cellphone in his backpack ... so it did fall out somewhere in Denny hall. I checked the ground in there and everything, in 3 different rooms. But I didn't imagine it could've fallen into his backpack.

I told him I'd buy him some beer. So I'm bringing him over a bunch of Coronas and limes (his choice... not bad) and then werden wir für unsere Prüfung lernen und Bier trinken, weil Bier uns helfen wird.

Kick ass.