March 25th, 2002


My incredibly exciting day

Today I...

Didn't go to school. this by itself is just rad.

Went to the dentist. perfect teeth! i'd smile purty and show y'all, but i haven't a camera here. oh, wait... i do. scratch that. i'm lazy.

Decided to stop using bold. okay, all done.

what else? i'm going to miss my car while in germany. nothing beats crusing around with the top open, music loud, sunglasses, and driving way fast. i'll have to rent a car there and drive on the autobahn sometime. if they let me. hmmm.

i was going to head back up to seattle tonight but i have to get a mole removed off the back of my leg tomorrow morning, since that's the only time that'd work. my dad had some cancerous moles or something, so the dermatologist is all being careful and recommending that this dark colored one i have be removed. *sigh* no dante's. sad.

gonna pay some bills now and transfer crap out of mine and into kenji's, since he's gonna keep livin' at the house.

and some other stuff.
entertain me.

evening; grades

Hung out with Megan tonight. Hadn't seen her in awhile.
Afterwards I drove around randomly, seeing things I hadn't seen in awhile. Old house, old streets.

Checked my grades online... did terrible (2.4) in German, but I knew I would. I refused to do all the lame homework that just wasted my time. I was there to learn and have fun, not to get bullied about by homework. But whatever; I'm done.

I got a 4.0 for my LJ paper, but I haven't really even turned it in. I've only turned in drafts. I need to re-read it all and submit it. I have an ending on there now, but it may need a few sentences here and there to polish it up a bit. It's still nowhere near where I'd like to have it. I figure I'll work on it on and off over time.

I should sleep. So much I want to do, though.