March 29th, 2002


Living alone

I've never lived alone.

Summary of my living situations:
Feb 1980: live with 2 others (parents)
Apr 1982: up to 3; brother ryan
Sep 1988: up to 4; brother cole
Sep 1998: down to 1; just Rode
home for summer: back to 4. ahhh.
Sep 1999: down to 1 again; Eli.
home for summer: back to 4. ahhh.
Sep 2000: 11... OMFG.
Apr 2001: down to 2; kenji and chuck
Mar 2002: back to 4. ahhhh.
Few hours ago: family left for baseball game. Inner peace!
Few minutes ago: back to 4. ahhhhh.

Next Monday: Ich werde allein wohnen. Nachdem, auch.

I just like my quiet hackin' environment. I don't really hate people. Honest! ;-P

fun with Cole

(Cole is my 13 year old brother)

Cole: shouldn't you be getting ready to go to the beach?
Brad: shouldn't you be eating my ass?
Cole: touché!
Brad: what's that mean?
Cole: you don't know?
Brad: no, do you?
Cole: no. look it up.
Brad: Interjection. Used to acknowledge a hit in fencing or a successful criticism or an effective point in argument.
Cole: Well I ripped ass, so I'm outta here, see ya.