March 30th, 2002



Back from the beach.

Allergies started to kick in on the way home. I took a magic pill and they went away, though. Mwahaha.

I went to Radio Shack and bought 220 to 120 power converters. I'm set.

Tomorrow I pack.
Today I hack.

what's love got to do with it?

you say you got a man
and you're in love
well, what's love got to do
with a little menage..a
after the party
me and you
can just slide for a few
and she can come too

heh. i'm making calliste a mix CD of the current pop/rap/crap on the radio. some of it's pretty good, actually. well. no. but funny. :P

i want a beat makin' machine.
i'd have so much fun.
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    What's Luv? - Fat Joe, Ja Rule and Ashanti - J.O.S.E.


This no school thing rocks.

I've got more done in the past couple days than, like... a lot of other time before that. :-)

On a related note: very little feels better than debating a problem for days and then finding 3 progressively better solutions until you're absolutely fucking happy with the last one.