April 3rd, 2002


Hello again

I woke up this morning about 5:30am. Not bad at all. I was afraid I'd wake up at 3am or so. So I think I conquered this jetlag thing by staying up 30 hours or whatever I did.

Cool things of note that I forgot yesterday:

-- I got a bus pass for a month. Ich kann irgendwo gehen!

-- Tony is lending me his old cellphone to use while I'm here. I didn't think I needed one, but he insisted. I just have to run to a store and add minutes to it (pre-paid). He added two numbers to it: "TONY" and "Judith". Großbuchstaben für dich? Wir wissen, wer mehr important ist. "Ja", er sagte. :-)

Judith's taking a shower now and dann gehen wir irgendwo zu frühstücken.

I can move into my room at 9... in 40 minutes. (time conversion from PST: subtract two hours and flip AM/PM... until you "Spring forward", then subtract 3 and flip)

While Judith showers I steal her ethernet wire. Mwahah. I have a location setup in OS X now called "Judith" which does the PPP over Ethernet required for t-online.de. I tried setting up NAT on her laptop, but Win2k doesn't seem to let you share a PPPoE connection, as it thinks it's too transient to act as a gateway, and insists on changing your IP address. (so it won't let you share a connection that's DHCP, also? oder so... es war auf Deutsch und wissen wir, wie gut mein Deutsch ist. :P) So for now, we just swap cables. An alternative is to NAT on OS X and have her go through my laptop, but that's kinda lame and ass-backwards, since this is her place and her internet connection. If Windows let you switch network configurations as easily as OS X then it wouldn't be bad, but I digress.

Tschüß! (hhmm... where is avva? Israel's at war now, right? I hope he wasn't called off to the Army or something. I don't even know how old he is...)

Mehr über mich, oder "TAG 2"

Woke up this morning at ~6am, totally awake. Damn jetlag. :-)

That was 12 hours ago. In the meantime I went to the Goethe Institut and checked in with 5 different people, took a test, then went and moved into my apartment, which is totally sweet. I was expecting small, dark, and no kitchen. Nope... it's big, tall ceilings, all white, has a kitchen, porch... totally sweet.

But no phone service, even though there's a phone jack. I can't get phone service hooked up because there's a 2 week delay to get it, and then the Telekom would only have me as a customer for 6 weeks at that point, which they don't find worthwhile.

So I'll just steal Judith's net access more. I don't need it in my room anyway... I'm so much more productive without it.

I have my own room, but share the kitchen and bathroom with another dude from around Tokyo named Toyota. Wir müssen auf Deutsch sprechen, will er kein Englisch kann. Well, I asked him if he spoke any languages and he said English, but I get the idea that it's worse than his poor German. So this'll be rad.

The balcony door is so cool! It can open like a door or a window. It's too cool to describe. Judith says they're so normal. I've never seen one.

Judith's having fun correcting all my pronounciation. I'm having fun making her use articles in English. No, she's not too bad. I only correct her about once every 5 minutes, whereas she corrects my German about every 5 seconds.

OTHER INTERESTING THING! Judith and I went to the Patentstelledortbüroetwas oder so and filled out an application to do a European name search on "LiveJournal", which is a prereq to registering the name as reserved in all of Europe, which is pretty cheap. THEN... the plan is to setup a German company, which will then be able to accept over the web EC numbers which everybody has (how people pay for Amazon.de purchases and stuff, like a debit card), and then get a merchant account for that company, and have the company wire money to LJ.com. Oh, but who would use it? Judith's going to translate all of LJ into German. But my FreeVote translation plan was half-ass. I'm doing redoing it all, with a better design, so every single damn part can be translatable. Really, this is for fun, learning the process and doing the research to talk to so many different people, but if it makes money... das ist auch gut.

Went to lunch earlier with Judith... where you want to go, she asked. "German food! Kein Pizza!" She said Germans just eat Turkish food, so we had Turkish food, and damn was it good.

Having dinner soon with: Judith, Tony, Nina, die mir Blumen schenken wird, und auch: Peter, der über Deutsche Firmen zu machen weiß. We're making pasta, I think.

Bis später!

GODDAMNIT... Judith just read this and started laughing. That's how good my German is. But she's making me post it anyway. hehehehehe. :PpPPp ICH ESSE BRATWURST!!