April 8th, 2002


Day... 6, 7?

Hello, okay... I'm going to write a long entry. You ready for this?

Germany: many small differences, one big difference. I can get used to doors opening the opposite way. I killed my fingers a few times, but I think I'm getting it now. I can get used to the grocery store making you pay for bags. They probably just don't jack the cost of food up to make up for it. No prob. I can used to 24 hour time. I like it more, anyway. I can used to streets with lots of bumps in them. I'll just have to lift up my toes. I shouldn't be a klutz anyway. I can used to beer that's stronger and cheaper... hell, more alcohol for my money.

The hard thing is the whole German language thing. I placed into the highest beginner class when I took the test a few days ago. (thursday? I forget.) Some days in class I think I placed too high, but some days I think the opposite. The skill level between the ~10 people in class varies a lot. My biggest problem is I don't talk much at all to begin with. There's this girl from Mexico City in the class and she's talking non-stop (well, when she's not playing with her hair, zoned out for 10 minutes at a time). Other people are from: Taiwan, Japan, Scotland, Libya, Russia, Ukraine, Mexico (already said that), and California. So two US people out of the whole class.

It's even more interesting to see why people want to learn German. There are 3 big reasons: for their job (popular amonst the asians), for their boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse, or for fun.

Dresden's a rad city. Love the public transportation. I go all over the place with ease.

You don't realize how often you talk to random people in any given day. Even when I try not to speak to anybody, 3-4 people will randomly start conversations with me.... funny shit.

Internet access --- got shit setup at Judith's so I can be on the net at the same time. And at this Internet cafe on my street real close I met the guy that runs it and I'm going to help him setup his stuff. We talked for a long time about how to ideally setup an Internet cafe so it's all automated and reliable and such, but he doesn't know a ton about everything. Want he wants is a Linux box that does IP-Masq and a database to track user accounts and disable IP forwarding on a per-machine basis based on PIN numbers users get from the bartender at the counter, or be able to pay with their Telekom pre-paid phone cards.... so anyway, the guy's cool, and I love projects, so I'm going to help him with that. He also was working on putting Linux on the client computers, because he doesn't want people to be able to fuck with them, but he was having trouble with different distros he used, becaused his all-in-one motherboards are new and he couldn't get everything to work with any kernel... I told him it's easy to build a new kernel and could help him later today or something. So I'll go back there later and do it. Note the cool thing here: he wanted Linux, after which I said I knew it... I didn't even try to push it on him. How rad is that? I asked first if clients wouldn't want Windows. His response: one only needs a web browser. Rock. And he said I can bring in my laptop and just plug into the ethernet. Rock more.

What now? Hmm.... I think I need to do laundry today. I guess there's a Waschraum in dem Keller... but I need to find it.

Sunny today again. Kein Schnee. Silly weather.

Lots of walking lately. Picnic the other day with class, after class.

I need a bike or something... I should buy a cheap-o one or something. I can do without the car thing, but I need some sort of wheels, and I'm too much of a tolpatch for rollerblades.

Turkish food is good.

What else? I should go reply to email now. Bye.

So breit in the head.

How did I forget to post about this?

Thies, Judith, and I went to this club the other night and went down into this "chill room" with fake trees and a green light and leather couches and stuff. Then this dude and his girlfriend come in and start kiffen-in' (rauchen is "to smoke", kiffen is "to smoke weed"... judith was proud of her language having a word for that, until I told her we did too: "to toke"... booyah).

Anyway, the guy was funny, speaking half German and half English.

To be stoned is "breit sein". He was saying, "I am SOOO breit in the head. I go now höher, where the music is."


typical conversation

Ever since I've got on AIM today, this conversation has happened like 5 times:

(07:37) Luna LJ: any hot chicks there?
(07:37) Brad: all over, but they speak german.
(07:39) Luna LJ: so do you right?
(07:40) Brad: Not as good as they do.
(07:40) Brad: I could say, "Hi. I Brad. Let's have coffee. Your hair pleases me. Let's make sex."
(07:40) Luna LJ: thats really all you need
(07:40) Brad: hahahahaa

Just got back from playing Frisbee and eating fries and drinking beer in the Biergarten down by the river.


I changed my setting back to all registered users. Now that I have much better Internet access, I can take it, bitches.

Feel free to spam my journal again!