April 9th, 2002



finished a book.
bought more groceries.

over at judith's now. we ate, and now i'm stealing her internet again.
i've said it a million times, but i'll say it again:
the internet depresses me. so many un-right things and stupid people.

in german news, i'm having more confidence speaking to people without trying to plan the whole conversation and all routes in advance. but i still suck. everytime i get happy because i understood something, 100000 things popup the next minute which i don't understand. but whatever. it's fun when i'm in the right mood.

tired. i had big plans to do a bunch of things today (LJ, laundry, learn some vocab), but all I did was read my book (English, too). think i'll go home and sleep. go me.

oh, took a bunch of pictures today. i'd upload them now, but i'm too lazy. tomorrow.

Tscüß! (oh yeah, was gonna turn on UTF-8 support on LJ today too... but haven't got around to testing the last bit of it... maybe tonight).

Bye for realz.
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