April 11th, 2002


good food

remember, i'm a moody fuck, and don't you forget it.

last night went to "Stammtisch" which basically means regular place/event one goes to drink and stuff. fun stuff. talked to people in my class a ton, all auf Deutsch. totally cool.

shit, class started already. gotta get back. maybe people will fight more! (already did awhile this morning... yay!)


been fighting with the proper design of something the past few days, and finally figured it out. what a relief.

figured out we have no keller too, so found out where the waschsalon is. i should go there and clean my clothes. a dude in my class says he just doesn't wash his clothes... only his underwear in the sink in the bathroom. umm. no thanks.

went to a dozen banks with judith to figure out the EC ("Electronic Cash") card thing that everybody has here. found a bank that's cool. but they need some form from another place, so went there, and they need something else... etc, etc... that all took many an hour. talking with tony's dad on monday, who's a lawyer and knows all this stuff. i just have to teach him some unix stuff in exchange. rad. :P

i should go home and do some mad hackin'. i love this transition from design to implementation... so much more relaxin'.

maybe hit grocery store too... totally out of food.

oh, my subject earlier was "good food", but i never got to that. ate some good damn food the other day at brewery/restaurant place. Rostbrätln or something. Can't quite remember.

weather's nice and cloudy today finally. i felt a few drops of rain once too. that was nice... i like "bad" weather once in awhile. :)

Induhnet cafe

So i'm doing my laundry now... this place is pretty rad: waschsalon, pool hall, beer, coffee, and internet, all in one place. called the "Groove Station" or something. thanks for the tip, judith!

I say pretty rad and not totally sweet because their internet setup sucks ass. I don't think sane networking has made it to Europe yet? Always slow, always protocol level proxying. At least from what I've seen in a number of places so far.

I should write a note to my next-door Wohnnung neighbors and offer to buy them DSL for 2 months if I could put my wireless base station in their room and a router.

okay, time to see if clothes are dry yet.