April 12th, 2002



went to bed at like 9:45 because i had shit else to do.

got up this morning around 6 or so, starving for some reason, then got a text message complaining about LJ problems. technical? oh no, that's in the past. no all the problems are stupid fighting between volunteers that i have to play mediator for or something.

grrrrrrrr. thinking more and more about just going home. my inbox is overflowing with important stuff. for $100 i can move my return flight back... i wonder if i could push it forward too for the same amount.

cafeteria's open now here at the goethe institut. time to go get food.

absinthe (can't spell it, though) is legal here in german now, as of a couple months ago i hear. i saw it on the menu at this one internet cafe. i wanna go meet the green fairy.