April 15th, 2002


it's late

class in like 7 hours. still an hour or so from sleeping, after walking to the street train, riding home, and doing the whole readying self for bed thing.

not sure i really want to even go tomorrow. there's a test and homework due, too. haven't studied at all, or done the homework. feh.

ya know... i don't really care. i'm not getting graded on this, and fluency isn't my goal. i know that's unrealistic. i'm here on an extended vacation, with the added bonus of exercising and improving slightly my german, where possible. i'm not here to do homework or study.

spent the last 2 days at judith's house, hackin' die welt. made a ton of progress... lovin' it.

i need to cut my hair. heh, great conversation from earlier at tony's:

Brad: Mein Haar ist zu lang. Ich muss es schiessen.
Judith: Schneiden?
Brad: OH YEAH OH YEAH Ich werde DICH scheissen!
Judith: You want to shit on me?
Brad: er... fuck. Ich werde dich schiessen.
Judith: erschiessen?
Brad: Ja ja.

Brad: My hair is too long. I must shoot it.
Judith: cut?
Brad: OH YEAH OH YEAH I will (to/on) YOU shit!
Judith: You want to shit on me?
Brad: er... fuck. I will shoot you!
Judith: (a better way to say shoot)
Brad: yeah yeah.

Just a typical example of the fun with language.

Better is when Judith and I walk into a store and I tell her as we walk in, "No problem, I'll handle this." and then she starts laughing pre-emptively which makes me start laughing and makes my job coming up even harder. Heh.

Fluency? I laugh in its face. :P

Oh, sleep?


I've been forgetting to post this.

In the German language, consonants are devoiced word-finally. That is, consonants where your larynx would vibrate no longer do.

Hund (dog) ends with a 't' sound (no voice), but:
Hunde (dogs) contains a 'd' sound (voiced)
blind (blind) sounds like blint
Laub (foilage) sounds like laup

So, guess what everybody calls me?


(well, 'cept the girl from Taiwan who calls me "bread" ... at least she got the ending consonant correct.)