April 17th, 2002



This journal can finally change from the topic of bitching about internet access to cool things about Germany, of which there are many.

Why? Because I've figured out how to plug my laptop in here at the Goethe Institut... mwa hah. Good thing Windows isn't secure worth shit, otherwise I would have never guessed as their gateway address. (they have Windows 80% locked down, so it took me 4.5 minutes to get to cmd.exe... morons)

Anyway, I'm 10 minutes late for class. (was on break) Time to go back now.

Tomorrow I bring the wireless base station and hide it behind a computer here. Mwahahahah.

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(05:58) Sherm: sup?
(05:58) Brad: hacking the planet
(05:59) Sherm: w00t
(05:59) Sherm: so you found a reasonable net connection?
(05:59) Brad: very nice
(06:00) Brad: at the place i study
(06:00) Brad: i found their switch
(06:00) Brad: and found how to get to cmd.exe to type ipconfig /all
(06:00) Brad: and get their gateway address
(06:00) Brad: and DNS servers
(06:00) Brad: brought my wireless base-station too
(06:01) Sherm: heheh right on
(06:01) Brad: best part is...
(06:01) Brad: my power adapter supports up to 250V, but the plugs don't fit
(06:02) Brad: so i bought one adapter, but it didn't fit wall-warts
(06:02) Sherm: hehehe
(06:02) Brad: so i had to chisel at it with finger nail cliippers for half hour
(06:02) Sherm: HAHAH
(06:02) Brad: but i got it now
(06:02) Sherm: quality
(06:02) Brad: it looks it too