April 21st, 2002



I'm not going deaf... it's the tons of coffee I drink to keep me awake in class. (theory proposed by Joe, and confirmed by me.... today: no coffee, no ringing)

Incredibly tired today. People were partying out on the streets until around 3am, and I wanted to sleep around 10pm, lame as I am. Unable to sleep, I read instead, but that didn't go too well either, given all the drunken screaming outside my window.

I have a European power plug on my Dell laptop now, so I can use Debian again! Woooo! I still love this laptop, big as it is... so fast, so beautiful, so Debian. OS X is nice, but so is Debian.

Made my roommate a CD with his digital camera pictures today... download in Windows with the software he brought, then reboot into Linux, image magick them from BMP to JPG, then scp them over to OS X to my TiBook with a cross-over cable so I could burn them. Heh. :P

Went to the beer garden earlier with Judith. Good weather.

Been over here working most the day.

Feel like taking a nap now, though. mmmm... sofa....