April 27th, 2002



Hahaha... I went to type "Berlin" as the subject for this post on this Hostel computer and IE auto-complete suggests:

Berlin again
Berlin aint so bad
Berlin ain't so bad.

So yeah, I'm in Berlin, and although I've only been here last night and this morning, I guess I'll have to agree with the two previous users of this computer and say that "it ain't so bad".

This internet connection is fast, too. And I ate Fajitas pollo in some restaurant last night with sand on the floor and drank Sol.

There are whale noises in this hostel. Silly ambient noise.

Judith woke up now. Plans:

-- eat all-you-can-eat €3 breakfast buffet.
-- see sights
-- buy new shoes (these old ones are falling apart (no, not my black sketchers))