April 28th, 2002


Berlin, post 2

Berlin is huge. Reminds me of Chicago in many ways. We walked all over it yesterday about 10 times, so we know it pretty well now.

Judith and I found the best Internet cafe ever yesterday with around 350 computers with wall-mounted LCDs. Every aspect of it is done correctly, right down to being open 24 hours. I'm impressed.

Watched "Not Another Teen Movie" yesterday... "Nicht noch ein Teenie-Movie". Understood almost all of it, probably because I knew all the references to the other movies. Odd: assigned seating in the theater.

Drank with Judith's cousin again last night (who looks exactly like Doogie Howser!), and also with her sister and her sister's eFreund. 5 of us around the table, and everybody spoke perfect English. Damnit. But fortunately they spoke German so I got to have fun trying to understand. I do pretty well when it's quiet, but in bars it's quite a bit harder... especially when there are two conversations going on in parallel.

In a couple hours here we're going to the Chris Cunningham exhibition... he makes music videos and stuff. That should be cool.

The Brandenburg Gate is being renovated now... it has a big tarp over it advertising the company in Germany I loathe the most: T-Online. But I saw the Reichstag and ate right out in front of it. Unlike the White House, you can just walk up right to it and there's no security outside at all. Bizarre.

I'm growing a beard... left my razor in Dresden. Itch itch.

Heading back to Dresden tonight, then packing, then sleeping a bit, then off to the airport. I'll upload pictures when I return.