May 6th, 2002



re-arranged work area. room to move. so much better.

-- run
-- see how big of a loan i can get.
-- get a realtor

-- sleep

Home stuff

Went with my mom to our credit union... figured out how much money I can borrow. The whole process is incredibly easy. I expected it to be painful. Low interest, too.

Then went looking at houses (she loves looking at houses). I expected the houses in my price range to be pretty ghetto (thinking that houses are just intrinsically expensive to begin with, and if they're not, they must be ghetto), but the ones I saw were all pretty cool.

I'm more excited about this all now, and even more sure I want to do the house thing instead of an apartment. My previous reason for perhaps perferring an apartment was I could get a really cool one, instead of making even higher payments for a ghetto house. But since the houses aren't ghetto, I see no advantage whatsoever to getting an apartment.

After that I've been back and working. Getting a lot done, but my inbox is still piling up. Need to deal with that. Haven't really got it down under 75 since I got back from Germany. Always more interesting things to do.