May 8th, 2002


Can't win

Since I've got back from Germany my inbox has actually grown, not shrank, as I'd expected.

I need an email assistant.

Step 1: filter all mail into work/personal
Step 2: imap access to selected folders
Step 3: give opi a new project. :P


I offered the other day to help fix a "computer problem" at eli's dad's office, not knowing what the problem was.

So I drove to Vancouver, saw that their foxpro database was corrupt, and searched for repair tools. All commercial. Any database software should come with table recovery tools. So lame. So Windows.

Told them where to get repair stuff & left.

Now... they had it FedExed overnight and want me to come back and fix it. But this means I have to shower and drive to Vancouver again. But I guess I bill for hours spent in the car, too. And maybe it's a nice day... haven't seen. Any weather is better than sitting in this basement furnace room without windows. :P

Anxious to work on my own projects, though.