May 10th, 2002


What day is it?

I guess I didn't post yesterday.

I'd try to remember what I did, but I think it was just the same as the last few days: waking up whenever, programming for awhile, going in the hot-tub sometime in the afternoon, showering & getting dressed, programming most the day, playing pool a few times.

Rough life. :-P

House update: I have some ideas finally about areas where I'd want to live. And, I have a realtor now. (friend of my mom's, and she'll give me that 1% kick-back everybody talks about)

Going to Seattle tomorrow and will probably be there until Tue/Wed. New servers are coming in, and I gotta wish hellarad a happy birthday Sunday and chill with the dantes_crew Monday.

When I get back, it's house-shoppin' time.
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