May 13th, 2002



fun in seattle.
weather's all super sunny.
hung out with a bunch of people yesterday.
arboretium (sp?) with evan and meena and lucky
beer and pool with eli and some fire crew buddy and wife
slept at eli/erik/mike's.
kailani made us spaghetti chicken breakfast
did some work at internap, then joined amber and friend walking around seattle center
and playing in the fountain (me briefly, amber lots)
eli and i went to a mariners game today
been alternating doing work and play
sleeping at blythe's tonight
eli's out of town tomorrow, so i'm stealing his bed then
safeway didn't have my creamy basil pasta salad earlier... sadsad.
seattle traffic sucks a lot. i'd forgot how much. (even on weekends!)
okay, bye.


did some work.
lunch and geeking with evan.
he got X working on my tibook... hooray!
had dinner with ellen, then drove all around and saw cool stuff.
and played on a zipline!
off to dante's now.