May 29th, 2002



Went bowlin' with Nick and Dan, who's now back in town. I scored a phenomenal 144 in game 2, earning me some free Taco Bell from Nick. Ahhhhh yea'.

In other news, I've been informed from evan, trusted maintainer of The Great Sex Chart, that I'm now linked indirectly as far as compwiz.

Tonight I go to bed early.

see what I have to live with?

My mom comes into my office (er, furnace room) and smiles and says:

"I want to spend your money."

Uh, what?

"You need dishes!"

No, I don't have a house yet.

"But we can store them until you get your house."

Um, no.

"But I already have everything I want ... I have nothing to buy."

She's also anxiously awaiting me getting my house so she can build me furniture and cabinets and stuff. And do my yardwork and stuff. That'll rule, but I don't need no stinkin' dishes yet. :-P


This job is pretty damn lonely when nobody else is working with you.

Some days kick ass with everybody emailing each other, discussing things, patches flying back and forth. But then some days are like today .... me working pretty much alone. Few patches came in, but not much.

Days like today push me closer to caving in and getting a real job.

On the other hand, I got a lot done, but it was just kinda lame.

I should join a local LUG/PUG and recruit a project member/employee or so.