May 30th, 2002



I can't sleep. I crawled into bed at 11:00 pm, but for the past 3.5 hours have been unable to actually fall asleep.

But, I have a billion rad ideas, so I guess I'll work.

So much for breaking the sleep cycle.

hi i'm going to rant because that's what livejournal's good for, right?

What do I want to be doing?
  • I want to write a good IMAP server.
  • I want to learn FAT and fix a friend's half-corrupted filesystem.
  • I want to play with Gentoo.
  • I want to re-organize my MP3s, and re-encode a few of my CDs.
  • I want to organize all my digital camera pictures, with extreme meta-data and logic on each picture. Such as, I can label a picture as "bob, outdoor" and "bob" is a rule implying "person" also, and "outdoor" implies "! indoor". So then I can query all pictures for things like "person AND NOT indoor" or "bob" OR "indoor", etc.
  • I want to finally learn ssh-agent
But really, I want to be swimming and playing in the sun and having sex and throwing rocks at trees and just generally doing nothing.

I want a house. I want a new deck in my car. I want a flatscreen monitor. I want my CD burner back. I want out of this furnace room.

I want to be left alone.

I want people to work with.

I don't know what I want.

I cleaned my car and went driving around, since it's nice and sunny out. I did some errands. I looked for a certain CD single, but nobody had it. I wanted to mow the lawn for a project, but my mom said it wasn't long enough. I wanted to run ethernet underground out to the hammock (had a whole plan, too), but then I realized I don't want to work in the hammock, and wireless reaches there anyway. But I wanted a project.




Went to $1 beer night at the ball park with Dan, Nick, and Jenny. Good shit. Visited Megan afterwards, followed by Taco Bell, of course.

I'd refrained from Taco Bell for something like a year, and then I come home and I'm having Taco Bell with my high school friends several times per week. Not healthy. But I guess it's about as bad as Dick's in Seattle.

Pretty tired now. Maybe I'll be able to sleep tonight.