May 31st, 2002



I remember reading this book about a boy and his robot companion when I was ten or so.

Whenever the robot broke he'd just stop and say "error" or some shit, able enough to diagnose that something was wrong, but unable to say exactly what.

I always thought that was pretty fricking lame, and I always think of that stupid story when I'm trying to debug something but have no clue where to even look.

This morning I was debugging why I just suddenly woke up at 4am. I went to bed at 11:30. Surely my body wasn't content with 5.5 hours of sleep. So why am I up? No clue.


(heh ... tricked you into reading a boring sleep post by inverting the flow around from its normal "can't sleep" to "lame childhood story")

Productive Morning

What did you do between the hours of 4 am and 8:35 am?


  • let the LJ translation team search
  • put Gentoo on a spare computer. ("spare" as in, "1 Ghz with 260 GB of disk space")
  • made a quick patch for opi
  • learned ssh-agent (= rad)
  • had coffee
And now, it's 8:38 am and I'm considering a project for the day.

I'm thinking I'll go get that flatscreen I've been wanting forever. (where "that" is defined as "one which I've yet to find since my research always ends prematurely") And then I'll find a mini-case online (or in town?) that has no fans or hard-drive bays and I'll make a super-silent net-boot computer for the other room. All I really want's an X Client.

Or I'll get sucked into LJ work.

Or go back to bed. (no... must resist)



Does email get much better than this? ...
Subject: My Slurpee Paper

I am a sixteen year old Slurpee enthusienst. I have written a paper that describes in great detail the fluid dynamics of the beaverage. Respond if you would like me to send the paper, with illistrations, to you. I would appreciate it if you posted my paper on your site.
Yup. Rad.

In other news, Julie called, really excited, and told me she bought a TRUCK! and everytime she said the word TRUCK! it came out like TRUCK! Most amusing. Then she wanted to come by and show me her TRUCK! so she did, then we took her TRUCK! down to get food.