June 3rd, 2002


Music Industry

Went out to dinner with my family, where we had a good discussion about the music industry, copyrights, the DMCA, MP3s, etc.

At one point my little brother (mostly silent throughout the conversation) interjects:
"You know what I think? If you're downloading the MP3, that means somebody has the CD."
My dad and I started laughing.

Yeah, maybe the RIAA has reason to be scared.

But I bought 3 CDs in the last few days, further supporting those corporate motherfuckers.

Sleep time

I've been working on getting on a good sleep schedule, and I think I'm doing a pretty good job.

I love mornings lately. I think the only reason I hated them in the past, is because I always work or go to school. When I don't have either to do, life be grand.

Went swimming at the gym with Nick ... hard stuff. But at least I didn't pull out the kick-board on lap 3 because I'm so out of shape like Nick.

And got a bunch of stuff done today .... so I can sleep well now.