June 5th, 2002



So basically, my life is work. Some would say that's not healthy, etc etc, but my work is fun. Or at least, it starts fun. Then my fun nugget of an idea gets huge and I'm stuck maintaining it because I know it best and/or I work for peanuts.

I like creating new things. That's fun.

I don't like maintaining them. Parts are fun and rewarding, but the thrill of creation and design isn't there.

The last couple days I haven't been able to work on my new project too much because I've been doing LJ maintenance crap. And maintenance isn't just server stuff, which can pretty much run & clean itself 99% of the time. Maintenance also includes emailing people, checking up on employees continually, etc.

But I can't just entirely hand LJ over to somebody else... I need somebody totally reliable and motivated that stays in close contact with me (not vice versa!) and asks when they're not sure how they should handle something.

Does that person exist? I have no clue. More and more I'm thinking no, and that makes me feel alone.

I love LiveJournal. I love using it and fucking around with Eli anonymously and making up users and inventing their past lives and stuff.

Whoa ... I just posted to the Portland community asking if anybody knew geeks looking for jobs and within minutes I got 3 resumes. Rad. Maybe there is hope.

In any case, I'm totally confused what I want to do. I want to work for a company that lets me do whatever I want whenever I want and hand off tasks to other employees in the company. In other words, I want to work for myself but not deal with that whole running-a-business thing.

I feel like I've already written this post a dozen times in the past, no?