June 6th, 2002


not sleeping

I should be sleeping, given that I'm supposed to be at the realtor's office in 8 hours to go look at 10 houses.

That will require energy, and since it'll take me awhile to fall asleep and an hour to get ready in the morning plus driving time, this means that I'll be getting less than 7 hours of sleep tonight. But that's not too bad, really. It just means I can't sleep in until noon.

But instead I'm .... working on BML, making it more flexible for my new site, and trying to figure out which of the gazillion LJ databases is being dumb. Fun.

Blah. Guess I'll sleep.


So many exciting things.

-- I'm getting more and more excited about my new project idea. Like, really excited.

-- Made an offer on a rad house. Find out tonight if I got it. The house went on the market last night. When I made my offer today, there was already another offer.

-- Got a billion resumes from Portland geeks to do LJ stuff. A couple sound perfect.

-- Bunch of good LJ patches coming in.

-- a CD I ordered arrived

-- my 19" Planar LCD should arrive in a day or two!

-- going to San Francisco next week. yay Mozilla!

But sadly, my tiredness is over-powering my excitement and I must take an hour nap.

So much to do!