June 8th, 2002



drank a bit
nick and dan came over
went downtown
sought out beer
drank a bit
watched a skateboarding documentary
went walking
came home


random notes

- new project: the devil's in the details, but solving those problems is incredibly fun. the entire design is kicking more and more ass.

- lot of hotties at the gym.

- good music: new eminem, new weezer, david bedingfield, jimmy eat world

- hot tub good

- tried to mow the lawn for fun. ran out of gas.

- 4th of july party at my new house? thinking yes.

aight, back to your regular programming.

"that's my money"

My little brother's up in Seattle watching the Mariners with my parents. My other brother must've talked to them and he found out I attempted to mow the lawn today (even though I ran out of gas after half a lap).

Anyway, he wasn't too pleased.

"How much did you mow?"

Oh, about a half a lap. I ran out of gas.

"Good. That's my money. You have your own business."

Heh, okay.

"Bye." ::click::

Lesson of the day: Don't mess with a 13 year-old's money.

Oh, he also doesn't like it when you eat his Italian food left-overs.