June 10th, 2002



Jetzt kann ich nicht schlafen also lese ich mein LiveJournal und die Freunde Seiten meiner Freunde.

Ich finde es lustig, dass es zwei (oder mehr?) Leute gibt, sie kein oder nicht so viel Englisch kann, aber sie lesen mein Journal. :P

Also ... ich denke dass ich etwas interessant auf Deutsch schreiben sollte. Leider ist mein Kopf leer weil es so verspaet ist.

Naja, werde ich nur "Hallo" sagen. Tony, Nina, ich sage euch "Hallo"!

Unproductive day ahead...

Don't think I'll get much done today.

In 20 minutes I leave to get my stiches removed. (How do you spell stiches? Logjam is coloring it red, and dictionary.com doesn't list it. I thought that was an easy/obvious word... guess not?)

After that I'm going over to "my" house for the inspection. One inspection has already been done and was good, but it was for a previous buyer that backed out, and since the inspection report is confidential between the inspector and client, the inspector was none too pleased that we'd seen it. (the selling agent gave it to us....) In any case, we're having a second done, for a number of reasons... second opinion, peace of mind, legal reasons (have an inspector that's liable to us if he missed something and we have to go back to him in a few months), and it'll give me another reason to walk through the house before the 21st-27th when I move in.

So today I'll go take a bunch of pictures. They'll look a lot prettier than when I move in, though, since they have tons of cutesy crap and things ... like furniture. ;-)

Then I have to prepare for San Francisco ... pack, and get my laptop setup. I recently re-installed OS X, so I need to get Fink and everything back on it.

Good news all around...

My mole wasn't cancerous. So it's a good thing they removed it twice... fuckers. (well, okay, it was pre-cancerous, so maybe it would've grown bad and it's a good thing they removed it. but the second time totally wasn't necessary.)

The house inspection went awesome. The inspector had nothing but good stuff to say about the house, how perfect it is and how well it's built. I took a ton of pictures. They're slowly uploading (yay for stupid cable upload rates... totally gotta get DSL.) and I'll link them in a few minutes.

My 19" Planar LCD is on its way from Tennessee. Funny: the company is here in Beaverton, but it's coming from half-way across the country. Since it's not here today, it should be here tomorrow. (but I'll be in San Francisco)

San Francisco! Gonna rock. I got my hotel booked this morning. Leave tomorrow afternoon... get back Friday night.