June 17th, 2002



This week before I can move in kinda blows.

Setting up house/health insurance, etc.
Need to buy appliances/furniture.
Cope with general loudness of house of 5 people.
Try to get some work don...
More house stuff.
Try to get some wor..
Another interruption.

One week.

tick, tick, tick.....


I finally got my degree in the mail today. It looks stupid. I need to go buy a frame tomorrow, then I'm hanging it over my guest bathroom toilet. (no, that trinkety shit and ugly paper isn't mine .... that's their decorations)

In other house news, everything's pretty much ready. I go to the trust company in a couple days here and sign the title in front of some notary dudes, then I move in the 23rd +/- a day. Just have to wait for the current owners to move out.

I need to buy a lot of crap: bed, sofa, dresser, bar stools, grill, patio furniture, phones, washer and dryer, and the aforementioned degree frame.

Got house insurance today. With earthquake. Earthquakes, I challenge you! I'm ready, yo.

Still need a doctor, sometime. I had my same pediatrician until college or so, then I switched doctors but never saw him, then I went in once, but he wasn't even around. So I don't even really have a doctor. I'll just keep stealing my family's Claritin. Good shit.

Hot tub was nice. Nick and I are going to the gym in a bit here. Think I'll work on my book, if I can find a quiet enough place in the house to read.

House house house house house. Impatient fuck.

you down with OPP?

(22:54:52) Brad: i don't like OPP
(22:54:56) Brad: other people's perl
(22:55:03) Super5AT: heh

Gym was packed tonight ... lot of hotties in their butt-hugging sweats and sparkly tank-tops, but couldn't find any machines. School's out. Nick and I left and went running in a loop and went back to the gym, and some stuff had freed up a bit.

Figuring some stuff out .... sanity slowly coming back.