June 20th, 2002



DB maintenance sucks.

Sleeping rules.

My pool game sucks tonight. (more than usual)

Went in the hot-tub ... that rules.

Headache all day sucks.

Go file copy, go!
Trippy, tired, Tired


only 3.5 hours longer than i thought.

oh, and we didn't even finish. we had to stop and roll back, since so many things went wrong.

yup, but we learned some shit.

and fuck you AT&T Cable for going out in the middle. another reason i'm getting DSL and not cable. (fuck, maybe i'll get 'em both for reliability... one's gotta be up.. and i want my "free" cable TV) problem is, AT&T does all their maintenance when I'm doing LJ maintenance, so I'm always getting screwed. i had to resort to my laptop's modem in the middle there.

anyway, get to repeat this all 3 more times.... the next 3 should go smoother. i love my job.

time to sleep. signing papers in a couple hours.
Trippy, tired, Tired


my sleep was interrupted by phone calls early this morning.

i'm kinda just passing through this day in a stupor.

signed a billion papers.

i get the house sunday, not monday.


back to work.
Trippy, tired, Tired


sleep cycle still screwed from last night.
and tonight we get to do it all again.

skipped dinner tonight to sleep.
woke up confused and went to the gym with nick.

feels like morning and night at the same time.

going camping tomorrow with nick, julie, and her roommate.
campground has a frisbee golf course. score.
anything to kill time until i get my house.
allergies are going to eat me alive, though.

90 minutes until downtime...
eat, clean room, make a plan.

gonna sleep most of the day tomorrow, probably.

email? hah. got a billion.

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