June 21st, 2002


Much better

Tonight's maintenance was a breeze.

Learned from a dozen mistakes last night, and now things be cool. At least, they will be after the new RAID array initializes and I do some quick magic and go to bed.

Using Evan's LogJam 3.1... GTK-2.0 based. Sexy text.

Not even tired. Yay for fucked sleep schedules. (at least tonight it worked for me)

Tomorrow: sleep a lot, do some work, go camping
Saturday: come back from camping, clean/pack
Sunday: move into house
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    Bran Van 3000 - Love Cliche

Best Drive Ever

Driving on a Friday morning between the hours of 3am and 4am is extremely fun. I highly recommend it.

I saw a handful of other cars (at most), one runner (!??), and the warming of the horizon.

I drove fast. I drove slow.

My only run-in with a cop was at 7-11, where she was scratching off lottery tickets.

I timed intervals betwen locations.

I listened to the best mix CD (ever). I know I made it, but I don't remember what all the songs are. And I can't think of a way to figure it out, short of asking for help. Wish there was a way to fingerprint an audio stream, resistant to different encodings/noise/etc. A company called "Relatable" was working on it, but I haven't checked back into it.

I should've drove around longer.... this raid array is still 15% uninitialized.

Next step

Raid array initialized.
Now, 45 minutes for file copy.

My hair is too long.
Driving me crazy.
There needs to be 24 hour barber shops.


For those of you that haven't been following my journal the past 5 hours, the maintenance work is done. (98% of which involved waiting for long processes to finish before moving onto the next thing)

So I could go to bed now... and totally fuck my sleep schedule.

Or stay up all day, so I'll sleep well tonight.

The sun looks pretty, so I'll stay up. Might take a short nap later, from 3-5. That's the plan.

Now, back to work! (but a different project now, so that's exciting)


Morning's been kick-ass. Tons of stuff done.

Was amused by the "LJ Virus" ... very well done. Too bad I didn't sleep last night and thus fixed it before it hardly started. The anonymous author (probably an lj_dev person) should've waited for me to sleep. Sucka. (note to self: stop announcing when I go to sleep. :P)

I can move into my house tomorrow now, moved up from Sunday, when I was expecting Monday. Rad. Still going camping, though.

Off to get a haircut. (I mean, er, no more LJ viruses plz thx.)

What a dude can do on no sleep...

Haircut... check.

Lunch out... check.

garbage... check.
power... check.
water/sewer... check.
gas... check.
DSL... needs phone...
Phone... need Verizon's phone number...

www.verizon.com redirects me to www22.verizon.com ... hahahahahahahahahaha. that's so 1996. fucking clowns. revjim, don't you work for them? can you tell them to load balance a little less ghetto?

oh yeah, contact number. right.

finish this, then nap, then camping.