June 22nd, 2002


camping & house

Back from camping. Can't go wrong with beer, fire, and hot dogs. Good stuff.

Took a shower.

I guess I can go move in now ... need to call the seller agent and go get the key.


I'm moved into my house now! Well, except for computers, since I have no net access there anyway, and no computer desk.

Things I have yet to purchase:
-- computer desk
-- washer & dryer
-- sofa
-- lamps
-- patio furniture (cheap)

Things that are arriving on Tuesday:
-- king bed
-- futon mattress

-- phone working

When I have a shitload of money:
-- hot tub (have a perfect place!)
-- plasma TV (have a perfect place!)

What Nick and I are going to go drink at the house now:
-- beer


on a chill scale from 1-10, my house be a 17

Went over to my house with Nick. We stopped at a store on the way and bought patio furniture and tiki torches for around the yard.

Then we went outside watching our fire, drinking our beer, and eating re-heated pizza that was delivered earlier.

So rad.

After beer was gone, we re-arranged the living room and hooked up my stereo/TV/DVD/etc.

The wall there has a built-in bookshelf, so I put my old Dell brick laptop there, plugged into my receiver, so I have mp3 access into my phatty speakers. And when I bring the rest of my computers and wireless base station, I'll have access to my complete mp3 collection, not just the 25 GB on my laptop.

Made some iced tea, too ... good stuff.

Totally tired now. Been a good, long day. More fun tomorrow.