June 24th, 2002



The only things I can think of posting about lately involve one of:

-- work (and thus, lack of sleep)
-- house
-- allergies

Perhaps I should refrain from posting for a week or so, until I have a new line of thought. During that time, if you want to know what I'm up to, just read the past 10 entries and extrapolate. You can't go wrong, as you know I'll have nothing interesting to say outside of the three aforementioned topics.

I lied. Must... post...

Ordered the furniture for my study today. It's being delivered tomorrow "sometime between 8 am and 5 pm". Bed's also arriving tomorrow.

My washer & dryer were being delivered tomorrow, but I measured and found out they wouldn't fit well, or maybe not at all. So I got the size smaller. The set I'd originally ordered was too large anyway. New set is arriving Wednesday.

Went to Home Depot... got bunch of lighting stuff: torchier (sp?) lights, those flat blue night lights for the bathrooms, a light kit for the fan in the master bedroom, and a dimmer switch for it. Oh, and a new faceplate to replace a broken one.

So tomorrow I chill at my house all day, waiting for deliveries and setting stuff up.

P.S. Thanks to Ellen for the house-warming flowers. :-)