June 25th, 2002



(23:58:43) Brad: everytime i type "ssh lj@mayor" I think of that rap song with all that 'eazy for sheezy, you can find me up in one tweezy.... they even call me the mayor' (23:58:55) UWSherm: hahahahahah (23:58:58) UWSherm: never occured to me (23:59:00) UWSherm: but NOW it will (23:59:00) UWSherm: thanks (23:59:04) Brad: no prob
Met Nick at the gym, after going to Sears. Lifted, ran, swam. We drove back directly from there, through the country. I love driving in the country... fast as hell, taking corners about double the posted [recommended] speed. My car's center of gravity is lower than Nick's ... he had a hard time keepin' up.

At my house I put out the trash, we ate our Carl's Jr., had a beer, and listened to some music.

Back now, workin'.


Mom... 2 steps ahead of me.

My mom reminded me earlier today that I have to be at my house by 8 am, since that's the earliest time the first delivery might come. She said, "You can just sleep on the couch."

At the time that didn't make any sense. I didn't understand why I would be sleeping, and why it'd be on the couch.

But now it makes sense....

She must've remembered that I'd said I'd be doing LJ maintenance again tonight, and realized I'd be frickin' tired at 7am when I woke up after 4 hours of sleep. So there's the sleep part.

But why the couch part? Oh, because one of the items I'm waiting for is the bed.

I blame the persistent headache for my inability to reason lately.
Trippy, tired, Tired

can't sleep

i tried to sleep about an hour ago, but haven't been able to.

eyes hurt. nose plugged. itchy all over. stupid allergies.

the LJ sysadmin work is still going, but by a monkey script I wrote. i just checked up on it, and it's doing a perfect job. smart, patient, tireless monkey, i love you.

i have to be awake in 3 hours... might as well just stay up. i can see the sunrise about to come up.

the bright side: at least i'll get a kick-ass first night's sleep in my new house in 16 hours or so.
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Trippy, tired, Tired

long day

Been awake for about 36 hours now.

Was at my house since 8 am, receiving deliveries. Have a bed now, an office, and lights attached to the fan in the master bedroom. Props to parents and little brother for helping me with everything.

Back at parent's now to use the Internet and too lazy to drive back to my own place. So my house is still just my project/clubhouse. One day I'll sleep there.

Tomorrow: washer/dryer and phone service. Then, get DSL rolling.

Other goal for tomorrow: work. I took today off because I couldn't think anyway, after having done all the sysadmin stuff the last few nights.