June 27th, 2002


Linux Thermostat

I can't sleep... I've been thinking of making my own thermostat. The one in this house is el cheapo: a couple wires & a vacuum tube with some mercury. (I opened it up)

In particular, it lacks functionality to turn itself off at night, to set turn on/off temperatures, etc.

Plus, I wanted one that would accomodate my laziness and back off (let house get warmer or colder) a bit when I'm not around. And then I thought: a good heuristic if I'm around is if I'm using my computer.

And the interface to the heat/AC system is trivial: a couple wires you cross and it goes.

So, I set out to start researching thermostats and found that somebody has already done this (of course) except they took it ten levels above where I'd go:


How absolutely hard-core is that?

Now I want to build my own more than ever. :) But *sigh* ... I have enough projects. Maybe I'll just cave and buy one at a store.

P.S. This is also rad.


Oh, the posts that warm my heart so.

Went grocery shopping again today, getting most the items I missed during round one. There was an exceptionally attractive girl there.... I wanted to walk up and say, "So, uh, shopping for groceries, eh?" just for the pure humor factor of it all, but I didn't need to... I just started laughing to myself at the thought. People around me must've thought I was weird. Whatever. :P

Went to look for a modem so I could return this one I stole from my parents' fax computer... one place didn't have external ones, another place is out of business(?) and the other place I can't find. No, please, I refuse to go to ComputerLand or ComputerDepot or whatever. I like the little stores.

Doing laundry with my new washer & dryer. Not really fun, but at least I'll have clean clothes.

A lot of my stuff's still packed. Slowly working on it all.

Have plenty of energy today, but I still feel tired because I'm all sore from working out yesterday. I think I lack something in my diet that makes my muscles heal. I bought multi-vitamins and calcium pills. Let's see if that makes up for my inability to feed myself.

Got a bunch of work done today... about time. The whole house thing put me behind a bit.

I need to meet more people in the area. I'll be lonely with Nicholas goes back to school. :P


(18:13:52) Amber: i want to have like, ten thousand of his babies.
(18:14:32) Brad: no you don't. you just want to have sex with him like ten thousand times
(18:14:42) Amber: okay, youre right.

living room server

The laptop on the bookshelf in my living room is doing the following things:

-- remote control receiver hooked up via serial port (to allow play/stop/pause/playlist select)

-- sound output to stereo (currently via headphone jack: ugh! but Stereo Link SL1200 is on its way... USB Digital Audio out, then SL1200 does high-quality D/A conversion and provides line level to stereo)

-- TV output (NVidia GeForce2 Go) for song selection (see below) and needless but fun OpenGL visualizations

-- wireless ethernet card communicating to base station in my computer room, for full mp3 access

-- normal ethernet card, connected via cross-over cable to my Axis ethernet video camera

-- ethernet bridging, so I can access the network camera transparently from my computer room via the wireless link.

Now, to write some software (Perl-GTK (Perl-GTK2?)) to let me search for songs/playlists and enqueue or play them.

I'm going to label an old remote with letters, and do cellphone T9-style searches over my mp3. So I can enter:


and limit the song box to all "Modest" matches (with playlists listed before songs) and then scroll up and down with arrows and play/enqueue them.

more misc

I spent awhile playing with interest correlations. I'd like to eventually find the correlation of everything to everything, and make a top correlations chart. I was thinking about this today while grocery shopping and thinking about economics, seeing how well the store grouped complements (ketchup & mustard) and even how they put a product in multiple places sometimes (ketchup on a suction-cup rack in front of the tater-tots).

Back to work on my living room laptop project... have my main machine doing NAT, DHCP, and DNS now for everything else. Which means I can (slowly) apt-get the "bridge" package to finish setting up ethernet bridging on the laptop.

Getting a little tired... hope I can sleep tonight. (need to get some Melatonin)