June 30th, 2002



Three hours of unpacking later, I'm pretty much done. In the process I cleaned, filed, threw away, sorted, etc, etc... And I found a ton of missing items back (predictably) so I'm happy about that.

Lame: my WAP11 wireless access point can act as either an access point or a wireless bridge, but not both at the same time. So... I'll just resort to putting the network camera on its own network and not do bridging on my laptop. (which worked fine when the WAP11 was also in wireless mode, but then my TiBook couldn't get online over AirPort...)

Sleep, I guess.

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Went on an 8+ mile bike ride around my new neighborhood, through a nature park, to the local airport, through some construction sites, and eventually back to my house.

A couple houses down from mine, two kids were selling lemonade. I bought two Dixie cups worth at 25 cents each. Their garage was messy as hell .... I asked if they just moved in also, "No, we've lived here a long time." Heh... faux paux. Good thing their parents weren't in hearing distance. :)

One of the construction sites I rode my bike around is right at the bottom of my street (which currently tees to dead ends on both sides) where they're putting in a big nature park. That'll rule when it's done.

The other construction site I went through is a new road they're putting in, which'll connect a major road that goes all the way into Portland to the medium-sized road which my street comes off It'll shorten the drive to & from my house quite a bit. Can't wait for that, either.

Got a bunch of work done this morning... bunch more to do, though. (heh, always)

Shower time.