July 1st, 2002


DSL Modems

Man, the DSL company interrupted my beauty sleep. All tired now. Worse, though, I won't have DSL for another week. July 8th is Verizon's due date for the line, then the cool company (DSL-Only.com) can do their thing.

And I need to buy DSL modem still. Anybody got recommendations or one they wanna get rid of? Whatever I get has to do 1.5M/384k.


I can't find my old cellphone, so I can't go get a new SIM card.

I know it's around here, though, I just unpacked it the other night. :(

Ruby, Continuations, Evas, Balanced trees....

Been having fun with Ruby & Evas.

My only qualm with Ruby is its lack of any balanced tree implementation in the standard library. But then, few languages do.

But there's a Ruby wrapper around GNU libavl which'll work.

I need balanced trees to quickly schedule animation update events to happen some time in the future, and be able to quickly remove items at the beginning and run them if necessary while I'm selecting on: X events, remote control events, and timeouts. (well, the last I'm not really selecting on, but yeah....)

I could just write my own hack class around Array and say, "fuck it, there won't be enough pending animations to make the insertion time matter", but that'd only bite me in the ass later as I do more cool stuff.

And I'm realizing that I'm redoing a lot of what evan did in his further port to Ruby, but I don't care.... I'm having fun learning the language.