July 2nd, 2002


It's that time again. Haven't posted this in awhile...

Lately I've been completely overwhelmed by all the different things I "should" be working on and how little help I have with all of it.

There's so much to do that I feel guilty starting anywhere, because at any time, 5 other things feel more important. As a result, little is getting done.

I got dozens upon dozens of resumes when I announced in several places that an LJ job was available, but I never really contacted anybody back. And a lot of people were even cool sounding. It's such a pain to find somebody that's both skilled and reliable.

I'm so sick of unreliable, flaky people. Yet it's depressing and lonely working solo.

I'm getting nothing done being mopey about it all, so fuck it, I'll do nothing... well, close to nothing. I'll put 90% of my time into my new site, instead of 10%. So nothing much will get done on LJ (but little is already) but at least something will get done overall.

But what happens when I launch the new site and it's super popular also? Two sites to run?

And I don't think I can even work well on the new site, with everybody bugging me about LJ. Should I just ignore all my email? Shit, I do that already. Reply and tell everybody to screw off?

Ahhhh... so fucking angry. I hate being deadlocked like this. Wish there was an easy answer, but I sure as hell can't find it.


My Stero Link 1200 arrived... it's awesome. I was really impressed at the quality of cables it came with, too... I wasn't expecting that. More reason to finish my Ruby/Evas remote control interface! And BTW, it works flawlessly with Linux... If you have USB audio support, it's just the first free /dev/dsp... for me, /dev/dsp1 (/dev/dsp0 is my built-in shitty sound card).

Internet at 24400 baud sucks. 6+ days. *sigh*

Worked a bunch on my new site... gettin' rad. Thinking about making an announcement and releasing the code. I know whitaker is interested in helping. evan might be. revjim was, but I think he's too busy being in love to help hack.

Yay for intelligent error messages:

HTTP/1.0 306 Grow up
Server: icecast/1.3.11-debian
Connection: close
Content-Type: text/html

    <title>306 Request all messed up</title>

    <h1>306 Request all messed up</h1>
    The request your application sent to the server makes
    no more sense than... well.. women with clothes on :)<br>

Icecast+XMMS latency

I now have an Icecast server on my main computer, and XMMS on there with the Liveice plugin, feeding it a 44 Khz 256 Kbps stereo stream.

Then, from the laptop in the living room, I play the stream over wireless, turn off HTTP streaming buffering and OSS buffering, and the latency is now under a quarter second.

Still... that kinda sucks. For two reasons:

1) The latency is enough to be annoying at certain points in the house. But I guess it works if I turn off the speakers in my computer room and just use it for remote control. (might serve as a substitute for the TV Evas interface? No! Must finish interface in time for Evan's arrival! :P)

2) It's re-encoding everything. This is probably the biggest cause for the latency, and it kills the quality. I just want to multiplex /dev/dsp over the network.

In any case, a fun diversion.

Back to a productive project.

/dev/dsp through a FIFO

I created a fifo, made xmms write into that, then wrote a tiny program to both feed into the real /dev/dsp and (stubbed out) send UDP packets to the living room laptop.

But I forgot: to use /dev/dsp you have to use ioctls to set the rate and such, so the sound turned out shitty. Bleh.

So now I have to figure out how to capture and redirect the ioctls ... I guess? Anybody know how to do that?

Okay, enough of this project for today.