July 18th, 2002



Are you the fucking DOM masta?


  • I really hate the DOM.
  • I kinda like the DOM.
  • I had to read a billion specs to get this to work.
  • IE and Mozilla kinda implement the DOM, nowadays? Kinda.
  • This is my first venture into the DOM.
  • I think I'll use the DOM more often.
  • Mozilla is noticably faster with the above two-line script. Go Mozilla!
  • I like pain.

verdammt... nie kann ich schlafen

Remember my brilliant plan of sleeping yesterday really early? Yeah, well, I did. And then I slept until past noon anyway. So.... too much sleep = I'm still awake now. Bleh. I should set an alarm next time I attempt that.

Two different morons attempted to race me today coming home from the gym. I so smoked their asses it wasn't even funny. Repeat after me: STUPID STICKERS DO NOT A FAST CAR MAKE!

I'm getting in need of a haircut. This girl that works at my DSL provider managing the router and stuff is also attending beautician school for hair.... I wonder if she needs victims. Better than me doing it. Maybe I'll call her tomorrow after 6 and ask for my reverse DNS changed and a haircut.

Umm.... I wish I had a hot tub right now. Too bad they're expensive. Maybe PicPix will make enough money by winter so I can buy one. That'd rule. I don't want a hot tub in summer, anyway.

I worked on FotoBilder for a few hours tonight .... love being in the middle of big projects coming together. You work on infrastructure (DB schema/APIs) for so long and then boom... suddenly everything starts to tick, and the pace only accelerates. I'm in my own virtual race now with Evan .... I gotta finish my management stuff before he finishes the Windows client. Not that it matters, but once the Windows client is ready, a ton of testers will be handy.

I made a cheese omelet[t]e today. It was good.

The End.

Misc day

Given my lack of energy, I've made today "misc day" throughout which I've:

-- done a ton of laundry
-- vacuumed
-- done dishes
-- mowed the lawn
-- trimmed a huge bush with little clippers (took awhile)
-- put away all my clothes
-- made both beds

All of this takes energy, but not brain power energy, and that's the key.

Tonight I sleep early and set my alarm clock. Grand plans... oh yes.

nope, not in there

just went to the kitchen after hearing the microwave beep.

opened up the freezer.


oh yeah.... microwave.

(see why I'm talking on AIM and not trying to program?)

Portland doesn't exist

For the past two weeks I've been trying to change my Seattle cellphone number to a Portland one.

For the past two weeks the Portland region code has been absent from Voicestream's computers.

Two separate people (out of five, over two weeks) have asked, "Well, do you want a Salem number?"

Um, no. That doesn't solve the problem, does it?

They filed a tech trouble ticket on July 4th and it still isn't resolved.

Yet again I wait on hold for those clueless call-center fucks to search for Portland over, and over, and over.

Has Voicestream not had any new customers in the past two weeks?


Finally did get a new cell number.

Went to local elementary school and did some lacrosse practice with Nick. Fun shit! Never touched lacrosse stuff before... wish I would've.

Went to rent a movie. Nick's never seen Amélie.

Nick just made us some White Russians.

Nick Nick Nick Nick.

One might think I have but a single friend or something. :P

(no subject)

Ich liebe Amélie. :-)


Had a talk with Evan ... I'm excited about the Windows FotoBilder client. I think we resolved a lot of thoughts/doubts about the best way to present it to users.

Now... shower & sleep.

Tomorrow I work.