July 22nd, 2002


girls, movie, fotobilder.

Had lunch with a high school friend earlier... she's awesome. There needs to be more girls like her in the world: smart, funny, ambitious[1], and cute[2] . It's rare (for me, anyway) to meet a girl with 2 of those qualities.

[1] smart is a good prereq, but they're very separate. I know too many smart people that are so unmotivated that they do nothing with themselves and end up boring.

[2] But not so cute that she's full of herself, which is all too common, especially with girls having only the cute quality.

Where could I find a girl like that? *sigh*

(FYI, not only is she too long of a friend to date, but she's living in Chicago)

Anyway... after that:

Went to a movie (Road to Perdition) with Mike and Nick. Pretty good. The fucking commercials at the beginning are getting longer and longer, though... my god.

Hofer dropped by with Mike in the evening ... hadn't seen him forever. They were off to another movie, but Hofer wanted to see my house.

Worked on FotoBilder a ton all day. (progress) All browsers suck a big fat nut when it comes to DHTML/DOM/JS, but whatever... it's kinda fun. I'm managing to only write one version that obeys the specs and doesn't do any proprietary crap. So far I've been able to get everything to work, with minimal work-arounds.

What's some good 24-hour stuff in Portland? I always want to go for a drive and get food or coffee at this time of night.