July 23rd, 2002



9 hours of straight hackin' ... time for a break? mm... food.

fotobilder is making awesome progress. i want to steal whitaker from his real job and make him work on it with me all day. and mart should quit school or whatever and work on it full-time also.

any Perl+BML+database junkies out there with free time?


<NatF>  so i am looking for an apartment
<NatF>  and a girlfriend
<NatF>  and i'm thinking
<NatF>  there's a market for combining various web sites
<NatF>  so you can do searches like
<NatF>  "brown hair, parquet floors"
<NatF>  "atheist, heat/hot water included"?
<NatF>  "100-140lbs, no realtor fee"
<Guyver3>       sqft could apply to both
<jwz>   NatF: lj has a singles-service now
<jwz>   so if it also had a housing service
<jwz>   well there you go
<jwz>   I'll ask brad.

Went to the LiveJournal MEETUP event tonight... had some beers. Nick pissed some people off. Amusing.