July 24th, 2002


who's da awesome sysadmin?

I'm so rad. I stay up until 3:30 working on sysadmin stuff that I've been putting off for weeks & weeks.

c01s2:~# uptime
03:12:49 up 68 days, 4:39, 2 users, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00

Er, I mean ... over 2 months. I just got to setting up that machine now. :-/

Good thing my replacement is due to start in about a week here. :-)

68 days.... damn.

(oh, and there goes my sleep schedule.)

S2, Java, C#, FotoBilder...

I'm working on the S2 support in FotoBilder and I'm reminded how badly the state of Free Software Java sucks (which the S2 compiler is written in), so I had the fun idea of porting it to C# and using Mono. I'm incredibly impressed with the Mono Debian packages ... very well done: binfmts are registered to automatically invoke /usr/bin/cli ... /usr/bin/cli is an alternative to /usr/bin/mono ... very, very Debian.

And this'll give me a chance to learn the few extensions that C# adds to Java. I hear porting an app from Java to C# can be done with global search and replace... i.e., a Perl one liner.

Anway, off runing now. The S2 integration is getting fun. I imagine I won't sleep much tonight given last night's sysadmin crap, so that'll give me something neat to work on. (though I'll probably delay porting it to C# until I get it running as-is ... the only advantage of having the compiler in C# is that it's easier to redistribute...)

Gardenin' day

In addition to crazy hackin' day (which is every day), today was also crazy gardenin' day.1 Parents and little brother came over and helped too, after we went out for pizza. Shaped, pruned, watered, weeded, you name it... I like yardwork (when it's my yard) ... very relaxing.

Now I'm back to hackin', eating leftover pizza and drinking Rum & Coke ... with Coconut Rum & Vanilla Coke .... um, best thing ever!

[1] Dear Evan, plz make GtkSpell recognize that a word ending in <in'> is spelled correctly if the the same word exists ending in <ing> ... thanks! :P