August 1st, 2002


Lara Croft Review

... good movie.

Or at least, just what I was looking for on this particular video-renting night.

And it wasn't just because she's hot. (I mean, that too.) But mainly just her attitude the whole time... most amusing. :-)

Just wish I had a bigger TV. A widescreen DVD on a 20" 4:3 TV from across the room just doesn't cut it.

Diploma over the toilet

I bought a frame for my diploma so I could hang it over the toilet in the guest bathroom.

Now whenever I'm taking a piss I can think back to the warm memories of my education.

Like the time I stayed up late working on adding run-time array bounds checking to Scott's and my compiler just for fun, but maybe to get some extra points.

But then we got docked points because the executable generated by our compiler failed the TA's test-suite. Why? Because one of the TA's programs had an accidental array overflow.

So I pointed it out and managed to get the points back, but we still didn't get any extra points.

I ate some of last night's left-overs for breakfast this morning. They were good.

That is all.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled LiveJournal programming. (i.e. quizzes and whining)

Day in Review

* Moved some of FotoBilder's login system over to LiveJournal. (still in CVS)

* Passed on $1 beer night at the ballpark.

* Imaged little brother's failing harddrive to new, larger one with dd(1). My dad and I timed 15 second runs of dd with different block sizes to find the ideal copy speed.

* Worked on FotoBilder's style editor and S2's error messages.


Now it's almost 11:30 pm. Exciting day. *rolls eyes*

Going to Seattle tomorrow with Nick, I think We haven't really worked out details. Guess I'm picking him up from work. Plans: Trowelhouse party & Mariners game. He's got a costume idea for the Trowel party, but doesn't actually have it yet... I don't even have an idea. Better come up with something, though... I don't want to pay the $1,000 no costume fee.

Done with computers for today ... think I'll go on a bike ride in the dark. Maybe go return the movie I rented last night.