August 5th, 2002



Forgot to post yesterday, but I guess I really didn't have anything to say. I worked all day. Around 7pm I randomly coughed and didn't think much of it. Today I woke up sick.

I kinda want to go back to bed, and I suppose nothing's really stopping me, but I always have this guilt that I'm getting behind on something, even though I have no schedule for anything. Plus, I don't want to screw up my sleep schedule, which I've been trying to make normal lately.


I tried to go back to bed, but was awoken by two telemarketers, back to back.

The first wanted to know my grocery shopping habits, and was apalled to find that I had no clue how much money I spent on groceries per week. *shrug* I should've told her those chicken, rice & bean burritos are good and only take 1:40 in the microwave.

The second was calling from Dornbecher's children hospital, wanting money via magazine subscriptions. I laughed to myself thinking, "Yes, you guys are a beaker of thorns.... I'm trying to sleep!" (german name) before I politely hung up and tried to go back to bed.

But I got up, made some coffee, vacuumed my house, kinda cleaned my bathroom. Researched maid service on the web ... doesn't cost too much. I'll have to decide on one and have 'em come out once a month or something.

Now I've decided I'll just clean my inbox, because it's a no-thinking day.


From: Heather Baumann <>
Subject: Search Engine Traffic

Hello, my name is Heather Baumann, and I am the Director of Network Services at 180Solutions. I noticed that you advertise your site on the Kanoodle search engine under the search term 'password+back+door+sex', and are currently paying per visitor.
Damn! My secret's out. LJ would've never been so big if it weren't for Kanoodle (wtf?) and paying for people to go to LJ for sex passwords. Yeeeaaaahhh.

Down with the Bottle Bill!

Saw the movie "Signs" with Mike. It was too slow, or I was too tired, or both.

Brought my bottle returns back to the store. Fought the stupid machines which rejected about half of the stuff, and now I'm $1.40 richer. Really, I don't think it's worth my time. I liked Washington more, where you didn't pay the deposit to begin with, and thus didn't have to deal with the return fuss. I recycle everything anyway, because I feel guilty otherwise.

I used to be all pro-Bottle Bill, but now that stupid machines waste my time, I'm against it. Down with the Bottle Bill! Let me recycle my cans & bottles curbside!

Still sick ... alternating between hot & cold, coughing & not. So, going to bed.