August 8th, 2002


Alan, Portland, etc

Man, been awhile since I posted.

After 1:54pm of Aug 7th (last post), Dina came over and hung out with me until 10 or so, when I went to pick alanj up from the airport. Since then I've been putting him through the rigors of LJ bootcamp.

Tonight we went downtown to $1 beer night at the ballpark. I think we had about 10 people in our group. Afterwards we went to the Hilton to drop in on sherm and katebate, visiting Portland for the weekend.

mrwiz, drunk, ran across the street and licked a city bus with an advertisement on it that said "Do not lick this bus." Drunk fool.

We walked along the waterfront and stuff. Had to leave a little early because most them have to work in the morning.

Probably gonna hang out with Sherm again tomorrow sometime. And evan will be in town tomorrow evening.