August 10th, 2002


Lord of the Rings: Fullscreen!?!

I went to rent Lord of the Rings at Blockbluster, which their website guaranteed to be in stock. Except it wasn't.

As there were no other movies worth renting, I went to the grocery store and bought food, since I'd run out.

And there in the check-out lane was Lord of the Rings on DVD. Well, cool! So I bought it.

Took it home... unwrapped it... went to put it in... noticed it said "Full screen" on it. Looked at the other disc... special features.

Where's the wide screen?? Oh, that's a whole separate DVD, which I don't think they sell at the supermarket.

I can't watch this movie full frame.

So I think I'm going to head out now and a) try to return/exchange it (but that won't work), and b) buy it elsewhere in Widescreen format.

I know somebody that'll want the full frame version, though, so all's not a total loss.

I think it's really lame that they're sold separately. I have 227 DVDs and I've never seen this before.

In other news, Evan and Adam came by last night and crashed here. Hung out with them really late, and then most of today in Portland. Good stuff.

LotR: Widescreen!

Mission accomplished: went and bought the widescreen version at Blockbluster.

And I got a free rental coupon with it!

(And the cute girl rang me up! :P)

All is good.